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Fungal Nails

What are fungal nails?  

It is when your nails have a fungal infection, which can make part of the nail appear white, yellow, green or black. The infection makes the nail become brittle and have a buildup of fungal debris underneath the nail. Over time, this can cause your nails to become thicker and deformed.

The condition is also contagious. It is not uncommon for you to get rid of the infection only to get it again months later on the same or another nail. The reason? It could be that the infection was not treated properly and may just look like it was all gone. You can also re-infect yourself again because it was also in your socks and shoes and normal washing may not kill all the fungus. Humid weather and moisture tend to make fungal infections flourish.

Fungal nails can make some of our patients embarrassed to come in to see us for treatment. The truth is, podiatrists see fungal nails every single day! We are experts at helping our patients fix this problem.

There are a few products on the market to help get rid of fungal infections. However, if the infected nail is not cut or cleared of fungal debris before you use the anti-fungal treatment, the infection may take longer to resolve, or not resolve at all.

Podiatrists can help you get rid of your fungal infection for good and help you prevent these infections in the future.